[Coco] Coco floppy on 1K?

Francis Swygert farna at att.net
Mon Dec 3 07:08:20 EST 2018

>Can i use my color computer 5.25" floppy drive by directly plugging it into
>he floppy card-edge connector on a Tandy 1000 HX?
Sine the floppy cable supplies power on those 1000 models would will need to cut or separate the two lines providing power on a standard cable. The you can connect the 5V power lines to the standard power connector on the floppy. Some older floppys may require 12V or more 5V than the 1000HX can supply from the floppy cable. In that case you will need an external power supply, but if you're using a CoCo external cased drive that's not an issue. You might be able to just tape over the lands on the drive where the power is routed, I'm not sure which of the ground lines are used for power on the HX though. I'm sure you can find that info somewhere. You may have to change the drive select jumpers on the drive also, but maybe not. It will just respond as the drive number it's jumpered to, so try a DIR on 0-3 until the drive responds...
 Frank Swygert
 Fix-It-Frank Handyman Service

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