[Coco] Battery-Backed RTCs for CoCo?

RETRO Innovations go4retro at go4retro.com
Sat Dec 1 10:51:28 EST 2018

On 12/1/2018 12:50 AM, Dave Philipsen wrote:
> Yeah, in single quantities from Digi-Key it is a little expensive but 
> you can buy the whole module from China (eBay) for a buck or two. It 
> includes a NVRAM too.

I am surprised they can offer the module for $.74:


but Digikey is $4.80 even in 100s:


And, while 400kHz is std I2C, as you note, it makes it tougher to 
interface, at least compared to SPI (about the same price) or parallel 
(more expensive)


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