[Coco] Live AND Learn..........

Stephen Fischer SFischer1 at Mindspring.com
Fri Aug 10 17:21:36 EDT 2018

The recommended method to get a hard disk going that has stiction is:

Place the drive on the floor and spin it with your hand. No power or 
other cables attached.

Get a more modern drive soon that does not have the possibility of 
stiction. I had to drive over the hill towards Santa Cruz to get an 
engineer to reload the old firmware that did 256 byte sectors.

Perhaps a SSD now.


I kept hitting one drive that had a bad case of stiction hitting it on 
the side with something metal.

When it finally failed I opened it up and the head was trailing the arm 
with only one wire attached. The second wire had detached.

So beware of using methods that are not recommended.


On 8/10/2018 10:40 AM, Dave Philipsen wrote:
> But getting back to your problem of stiction on the hard drives...I 
> wonder if a couple of things might work:
> 1) A sharp twisting motion of the hard drive around the axis of the 
> motor when power is applied
> or
> 2) A rap with a small hammer on the corner of the hard drive casing that 
> is tangential to the platter when power is applied
> Dave

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