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Salvador Garcia salvadorgarciav at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 9 10:08:31 EDT 2018

 Hi John, I searched for "convert rf to composite" and git a few hits promoting devices like those mentioned by Ed (Zippster).

Also, when you say that you don't have a "traditional TV", does that mean that you don't have any TV at all? If you have one, even a modern one then you can connect the RF out from the computer directly to the RF in of the TV. The ubiquitous TV converter boxes that were prevalent in the 80s were impedance adapters. They matched up the 75 Ohm out of the computer with the 300 Ohm in of the TVs antenna terminals. The RF input of modern TVs is 75 Ohm, so the impedance adapter is not necessary. Just go to your electronics store and get an RCA to RF cable adapter, like this one:


Search around, you'll find them cheaper elsewhere. Major electronic stores might have them (think Best Buy, Microcenter, and possibly Target and (gasp) Walmart). This is the same solution proposed by Jack. This is the cheapest way to get the CoCo's screen on a display, but quality may vary from OK to barely tolerable. Good luck in your endeavor.


    On Wednesday, August 8, 2018, 6:42:13 PM CDT, John Mautz <ejmautz2 at gmail.com> wrote:  
 Ok CoCo fans, up until now I have only played with CoCo3's.  One of my
friends saw my facebook posts and gave me a CoCo 2 and an Atari 600XL both
only have RF out.  I have no traditional TV's to hook these up to see if
they work.  So, here is the question....

What fancy or basic adapters are you using to hook these RF only devices to
composite monitors?  I've done some looking on Amazon and it seems the
items thy have listed convert HDMI/Component to RF not the other way around
and they don't say if they are bi-directional or not.

Thanks for the help.

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