[Coco] Thift store find rant

Steve C. towmater at gmail.com
Thu Mar 30 02:23:28 EDT 2017

Conjecture - It was probably designed on paper as cad systems like Catia
were more often used in aircraft and auto companies, were vector-based, and
often used for drafting and not 3d modelling. Also industrial design at the
time was one step beyond the notion that pretending your product was made
out of wood led some into associating it with quality, or in Tandy's
example, simply copying the ID from an RCA TV.

The door was likely to have been tested by making an ABS model by hand at a
service such as Model Maker Associates, and giving it a go or two before
declaring "looks good." 3D printing was still a year or two in the future.

In my case, the door fell off so often that it simply became a nuisance and
found new life in a junk drawer.

> Just scored a cm-5 at the local value village. It works perfectly but is
> missing the front flap(door) covering the controls.
> > Why are these always missing from the monitor?
> > It's the same when I look at a used car. The jack is almost always
> missing?
> > Where does this stuff go!

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