[Coco] CoCo SDC Harddrive Mode

Dave Philipsen dave at davebiz.com
Tue Mar 28 23:33:16 EDT 2017

Allen Huffman has a nice write-up about getting NitrOS9 up and running 
on the CoCoSDC and it involves using an image file that is 'hard drive' 
size.  In fact, if my memory serves me correctly, it's pretty much done 
automatically when the CoCoSDC see a large image file.

Take a look here: 


On 3/28/2017 10:08 PM, Ed Orbea wrote:
> In a recent post, L. Curtis Boyle said: "It’s no slouch even just booting
> NitrOS-9 from the CocoSDC, when in hard drive mode… although, not as fast
> as the 25MHz board, obviously"
> I'm looking for information regarding Hard Drive Mode.
> Thanks
> +----------------+
> *Ed Orbea*
> Poulsbo, WA

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