[Coco] Making BASIC not wait for printer.

Arthur Flexser flexser at fiu.edu
Sun Mar 26 15:58:01 EDT 2017

I haven't bothered to convert from decimal to check, but I imagine these
are the same pokes I too used occasionally, long ago, for the purpose you
mention.  If so, what they do is affect the PIA that controls the bit that
Basic checks in order to see if the printer is ready.  The PIA's data
direction register is used to change this bit from an input to an output,
and then the bit is set to the value that indicates the printer is ready.
It's the only time I ever came across anything that used the data direction
register capability.


On Sun, Mar 26, 2017 at 3:27 PM, Allen Huffman <alsplace at pobox.com> wrote:

> Years ago, I found POKEs that would make BASIC not wait for the printer,
> allowing you to PRINT#-2 to the bitbanger port to output to a modem.
> POKE 65315,48
> POKE 65314,249
> POKE 65315,52
> Hardware was a mystery to me back then, and now that I know a tiny bit
> about it, I wonder what is going on with these POKEs.
> Anyone care to enlighten me?
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