[Coco] Is Grant Searle's site down?

James Ross jrosslist at outlook.com
Fri Mar 17 20:14:24 EDT 2017

Dave Philipsen said:

> You can get the FPGA board for about $16 on eBay and if you use faster 
> SRAM chips you can run the CPU at 25 MHz.  

The two FPGA projects he has on this site (uk101FPGA & Multicomp) are indeed VERY nice for learning FPGA programming at least at an intermediate level… I would need to start w/ the very basics. Flashing LEDs on and off and reading switches!  Understand how everything works off a clk and everything happens at the same time (so to speak?)!

> In fact, on that board or 
> possibly another with a few more I/O pins you could instantiate one or 
> two more VGA & keyboard ports or even several serial ports.  

It would be a lot of fun to learn!  


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