[Coco] OS9 68K

James Ross jrosslist at outlook.com
Thu Mar 9 16:49:21 EST 2017

Dave Philipsen said:
> Yep, that's the one.  Ed Gresick sold it at Delmar as the System IV.  It only 
> has 8-bit slots.  Mine has a 16 MHz 68000 in it and a couple of DUARTS, FDC, 
> and RTC. I'm lucky to still have the motherboard and floppies but I lost the 
> HD.  But I did get a chance to cut my teeth on 68000 assembler and I've still 
> got my trusty Leventhal 68k book!

Ah yes, I said AT slots but that was for the 286 PC/AT.  What I meant was the 8-bit ISA bus (aka, the original PC and PC/XT 8bit bus)

That’s cool Dave that you still have that motherboard.  If you ever get it going w/ OS-9 on there, you should share a video demonstration of it! :)


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