[Coco] New Interview with John Strong and Allen Huffman

Steve Strowbridge ogsteviestrow at gmail.com
Wed Mar 8 23:11:28 EST 2017

John and Allen have been busy!  John is working on new games, new
development tools 3D print designs for the plethora of peripherals that are
profoundly produced, as well developing new music hardware to go into
future game cartridges.

I had a chance to chat with John and Allen Huffman, who is helping develop
new music for John's new music hardware, and we got sneak peeks at John's
game in progress "Handy Andy" inspired by Fix it Felix from the retro movie
Wreck it Ralph, as well ad Doctor CoCo a clone of Dr. Mario, which will be
available this year at the FEST!

The interview is on YouTube for your viewing pleasure:

It was great to chat with these amazing men and hear about the projects
they have in the pipeline.

I have a few more fairly exciting interviews in the near future, subscribe
to my YouTube channel or follow me on social media if you want real-time

Looking forward to hearing what people think about the interview.

Steve Strowbridge, aka
The Original Gamer Stevie Strow
ogsteviestrow at gmail.com

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