[Coco] 1.2Mb floppy drives

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Hi Gene, Et. all,
Here is a very promising url about 1.2MB floppy drive speed rotation modifications to 300 RPMs.
It is very informative and does get quite technical.  I hope this helps.  I'll be looking on the url extensively to see what I can do with my drives.

Kip Koon
computerdoc at sc.rr.com

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On Tuesday 07 March 2017 10:29:01 Bill wrote:

> Has anyone figured how to use 1.2Mb floppy drives with the Coco
> (EITHER NitrOS-9 or RSDos).
Someplace on the board on 90% of those is a poorly labeled jumper, that 
converts the 360 rpm disk motor to a 300 rpm like the rest of our 
drives. And at our 250 kilobaud data rate, they make great 720k drives 
but do need the harder magnetically HD disks to work well over an 
extended time frame for storage in your disk vault. I did some testing 
back then and found the softer disks were more prone to data errors 6 
months later. This is the opposite effect of using a 3.5 HD disk in the 
DD drives by taping over the HD hole.  That turns the recording drive 
down, and 6 months later you may have a pretty good imitation of a blank 

> Since 180Kb and 360Kb are getting as scarce as hen’s teeth, I need
> SOME kind of 5 ¼” drive, or I have 578 5 ¼” coasters.
> Thanks

Floppydisk.com is still alive and well but apparently out of 5.25" disks, 
but 60 bucks will get you 50 brand new 3.5" DS/DD diskettes. Scroll down 
to near the bottom of the page.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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