[Coco] Does anyone have the documentation for MLBASIC 2.0?

Steve Ostrom smostrom7 at comcast.net
Thu Dec 28 19:56:53 EST 2017

James, I'm pretty sure I have a copy.  But I also have this nagging thought 
that maybe 2.0 used the same manual as 1.0 but added a few corrections.  I 
could be wrong.

I have all my Coco stuff stored at our summer cabin but go there a few times 
each month to check on things.  If no one else has a copy, I'll pull my and 
check it out.

--- Steve ---

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From: James Ross
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Subject: [Coco] Does anyone have the documentation for MLBASIC 2.0?

The archive has the *.DSK for versions 1.0 and two, and has the 
documentation for version 1.0 but not version 2.0.

Does anyone on the list have an original or a copy?  If so would you be 
willing to do one of these?

1) scan it and upload it to the archive.
2) send me the copy for a fee.
3) sell me your original

Feel free to respond to me privately or here on the list ...

Thanks James

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