[Coco] (OFF TOPIC) Sales Tax From NewEgg...

Mark D. Overholser marko555.os2 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 28 11:18:38 EST 2017

On 28-Dec-17 07:25, Joe Schutts via Coco wrote:
> Hi Everyone, I know that this subject is OFF-TOPIC (and I apologize
> for that) but I wanted to see if anyone else received this same
> notice in their E-Mail posts also and what they think of it. I have
> been a dedicated NewEgg customer for some time now (close to a
> decade) and recently I received an E-Mail from them (which I
> accidentally erased - dummy me) stating that starting on "such and
> such a date" NewEgg would be charging Sales Taxes in Pennsylvania on
> it's products being sold there.

<< SNIP >>

Typically this is done when "The Company" has a "Sales Tax Nexus"..

> Take care and Happy New Year... Joe... P.S. Does anyone also have a
> list of states that do charge Sales Taxes and the ones that don't???

I found this Web Site, this is a quite complicated issue......


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