[Coco] Actual FDD replacement with Emulator.

Steven Hirsch snhirsch at gmail.com
Sat Dec 23 22:30:24 EST 2017

On Sat, 23 Dec 2017, rietveld rietveld wrote:

> Hi.  I have one and it does work... sort of
> Let me start by saying that I have a SDC in a John Strong case that cost 
> $70 and a 8gb SD for $7.  So for $77 I have a true plug and play drive 
> emulator
> I have a gotek that cost me $80; and it's far from plug n play
> The Gotek is not a direct replacement for the coco floppy. it does fit 
> in a 5 1/4 drive enclosure but uses 3 1/2 drive connections.  You need a 
> 34 pin female connector instead of the edge card connector and uses the 
> smaller power plug
> I was able to use the software to partition it into 100 blocks (disks) 
> that are 80 track 720k.  The coco won't read them and when I DSKINI the 
> disk gets formatted to 35 track 158k

If you run HxC firmware you will have no problems at all with 
compatibility.  Last time I checked, Jeff charges a nominal 10 Euros for 
the bootloader firmware.  Requires a small amount of technical skill to 
flash the bootloader, but not too bad.

I paid about $35 for my Gotek units on eBay.

The original firmware is just short of worthless.


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