[Coco] Look over my shoulder

Rick Adams rick at rickadams.org
Wed Dec 13 19:16:09 EST 2017

 >Your code is built under Linux with LWTOOLS and then pulled to the 
CoCo 3 over DriveWire, and the DriveWire server is running on the Linux 
system you're building on??

Correct.  The Linux system is a Raspberry Pi 3 running Ron Klein's 
CocoPI distribution.  My CocoSDC is set up with an autoexec.bas file 
that puts up a menu that includes "1. Test game," which mounts the game 
disk image on the Pi onto the Coco3 and runs it.  The game is programmed 
to quit and hard reboot the Coco3 when the BREAK key is hit, and then 
the CocoSDC autoruns the menu and I can hit "1" to start up the game again.

So I build the game on the Pi, hit BREAK and 1 on the Coco3 keyboard, 
and I'm running the new version of the game.  No muss, no fuss.  I don't 
even bother running MAME very often any more.

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