[Coco] Looking for Glenside IDE Controller documentation

Camillus camillus.b.58 at gmail.com
Wed May 25 20:01:30 EDT 2016

Hi Ron,

If you need those connectors for your project then go ahead. It will probably end up in your possession anyway.


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On 5/25/2016 6:55:04 PM, Ron Klein <ron at kdomain.org> wrote:
Hi Bill,

I just received my "loaner" Glenside IDE controller and see what you mean
about the cart headers on the board. There looks to be 2 of them and
neither are populated. Since this is a board I'm borrowing, I will not add
them to it. I see the address jumper you are talking about (it's currently
set to FF70). I also see a jumper labeled "L1" though it's open right
now. No idea what that is for. The board itself is labeled "IDE HD

It looks like I will need to use an MPI for now. Not a big deal, other
than the additional desk space and power requirements.



On Tue, May 24, 2016 at 12:35 PM, Ron Klein wrote:

> Hi Bill,
> I appreciate you responding and trying to get in touch with Brian for me.
> I had heard he was the person to talk to about the Glenside controllers and
> sent him a private email on May 20th, but have not received a response.
> Hopefully he will respond and have some good news about controller
> availability.
> I'm glad to hear there is some updated documentation, it's just a matter
> of getting it now. Everything you said makes sense and I especially like
> the idea that the interface that's being "loaned" to me (thanks Camillus!)
> may have a second cart connector so I won't have to bust out an MPI. I'll
> know soon as it's on its way to me, though I would still like to acquire a
> controller for myself. If I may ask, could you please share the
> documentation and disk if you are able to obtain it?
> Thanks again for the info!
> -Ron
> On Tue, May 24, 2016 at 10:16 AM, Bill Pierce via Coco
> coco at maltedmedia.com> wrote:
>> Ron, I have sent an email to Brian Goers who is heading up the Glenside
>> IDE project. He posted a while back that a new setup disk and documentation
>> was available, but never posted any links. I think he's been busy with
>> other stuff and hasn't been monitoring the list much lately so he probably
>> didn't see your request. Maybe he'll get back to me soon. I have a Glenside
>> IDE and would like the new disk and docs as well.
>> BTW, yes, there's a jumper to select between xFF50 and xFF70 range to
>> avoid conflicts with other carts. I use mine with an MPI and FD-502
>> controller and it works well (along with MIDIpak & Orch90 carts).
>> The setup disk "should" help in setting up the drivers/descriptors as
>> well as partitions. The old software did this but was out of date and
>> didn't match the new SuperDriver for NitrOS9. I had to modify my
>> descriptors manually to get them to work. From what I read, this has been
>> resolved and the new setup software should be NitrOS9 3.3.0 compatible.
>> The cool thing about the Glenside IDE are the 2 headers on the board for
>> plugging in 2 carts. This was including as extra and may or may not be on
>> your board. The holes for the headers are present, but the header
>> connectors themselves were optional. Mine can with one installed and the
>> second blank so I can plug the IDE board into a Coco with no MPI and also
>> plug a disk controller into the board :-)
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>> Subject: Re: [Coco] Looking for Glenside IDE Controller documentation
>> Hi Jim,I wasn't exactly sure. I figured there must be some documentation
>> thatexplains how to use it in OS-9/NitroOS9, base address configuration (if
>> youare using it along side of a floppy controller), etc.. Not even sure
>> ifthere are any jumpers on the board as I don't have it just yet.
>> Theschematics might be nice to have for it if you are willing to provide
>> them.As an FYI for everyone -- I know there are more modern storage
>> solutionsout there (i.e. CoCoSDC, Drivewire which I use) but needed a
>> Cloud-9SuperIDE or Glenside IDE controller for use with John Linville's
>> Cocovidproject. I stumbled across his Cocovid player a few weeks back and
>> wasimmensely impressed it. The idea of playing/streaming videos,
>> YouTubeclips, movies, etc., on the Coco seemed very cool to me. John's
>> ability tore-encode videos to use 256 colors was an added bonus (via
>> artifacts, butthey are all there). Frankly, I'm surprised by the lack of
>> interest in itas I didn't really see any discussions about it in this
>> mailing list.In any case, there are many components to the Cocovid project,
>> includingthe requirement of pre-processing video files (under Linux for
>> now) priorto playing on the Coco. John did provide some basic
>> documentation, but itcould use some improvements (which I'm working on
>> now). In fact, I'm alsoworking on porting over the pre-processing
>> automation to work under Windowsas well.The actual Cocovid player is all
>> assembly and accesses the Coco hardware ata very low level. John developed
>> project for use with an IDE based harddrive controller, so it's not
>> compatible with the newer storage devices.There's also the ability to use a
>> hard drive image with MESS (well, MAMEnow), but you lose the artifact
>> colors so playing these videos on actualCoco hardware is the best option.
>> This is the reason I am looking foreither IDE controller.For now, it's
>> great as it is and I've really enjoyed working with it!Watching the Minions
>> movie, the original Matrix or even many of Stevie'sCoco game demos from
>> Youtube is a very surreal experience knowing that it'sall done on a 512k
>> Coco 3.I'm hoping that others will find an interest in John's Cocovid
>> player aswell. I plan on sharing all the updated documentation soon (after
>> Johnreviews it) so it will be much easier for folks to get it up and
>> runningquickly. Perhaps others (with way more talent than I have) might
>> find away to get it to work with the newer storage solutions and open
>> thisproject up to an even wider audience.Thanks for allowing me to ramble a
>> bit...-RonOn Mon, May 23, 2016 at 9:56 PM, RETRO Innovations
>> go4retro at go4retro.com>wrote:> On 5/23/2016 12:41 PM, Ron Klein wrote:>>>
>> Hi everyone,>>>> I was unable to locate any documentation for the IDE
>> controller on the>> Glenside's Club Coco page. That being said, I don't
>> know if there was any>> "official" documentation released for it. If
>> anyone has anything they can>> share, it would be greatly appreciated.>>>>
>> Thank you!>>>> -Ron>>>>> What are you looking for? Someone (I will have to
>> check notes) shared the> schematics with me, and that tells one a lot about
>> the design.>>> Jim>>> --> RETRO Innovations, Contemporary Gear for Classic
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