[Coco] deciding to code for OS/9

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Fri May 20 14:16:47 EDT 2016

Running OS9 code isn't any slower than non-OS9 code, but you do lose 
certain forms of flexibility. Whereas a plain CoCo app has to be 
autonomous on many things and could expect to have total control of the 
computer, an OS9 app needs to collaborate with a set of other programmes, 
such as the kernel, the drivers, and the other apps. If you write a driver 
for plain CoCo, you typically put it directly in your app, whereas on OS9, 
you write it separately, or you don't write one and expect the OS (or the 
user) to supply one.

So, yeah, sort of DOS vs Windows, or DOS vs Linux, or DOS vs pretty much 
anything else for that matter.

Le 2016-05-20 à 06:14:00, emceesquared at gmail.com a écrit :

> I understand OS/9 is not a language but I’m assuming os/9 provides an environment you could take advantage of that would have sone benefits like memory management and multi threading?  Maybe some IO functionality?
> My question is… what’s the trade off?  Raw power? 
> When u compile for rs-dos .. it’s just you and the machine right?  Like dos vs windows I guess? 
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