[Coco] CoCo OS-9, a short simple explanation

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I remember that by the time I finally got to Unix (SunOS) in college, I
thought it was odd that there was no way to set the execution directory...
But many of the other basic concepts I had picked up from OS-9 made
learning how to drive Unix much easier.


On Tue, May 17, 2016 at 8:28 AM, Bill Pierce via Coco <coco at maltedmedia.com>

> Frank, MShell is GUI based and by no means, hampered by the speed of the
> 6809 :-)
> MShell uses a 640x192 2 color (16k) graphics screen and is completely
> mouse and menu driven. The only reason I chose to use text listings instead
> of icons, is that was the major downfall of MultiVue. You not only had to
> "make" your own icons for evey file, you also had to create an "Aif" file
> to set the window environment. 90% of the people who tried it, had no clue
> how to do it and RS incuded no utilities to do so.
> And since MShell can also read your RSDOS & PC's Dirs (via DW4) as well as
> your OS9 dirs, icons would have to be made for eveything. Text was easier.
> I could also get more listings on the screen in text than with icons.
> Mshell runs in NitrOS9 on any 512k Coco 3, Vcc, Mess, and CocoFPGA.
> Drivewire4 optional.
> Here is a (quite long) preview of MShell. It's old and MANY features have
> been added since I made the video:
> https://youtu.be/MoOP03Fchw8
> This is not running overclocked. It is running at 1.78mhz in Vcc.
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> The reason some people think of it as a programming language instead of an
> OS is because it's command line driven. Yes, Linux can still be used from a
> command line -- but it typically isn't except for programming and making
> modifications. You can use a graphical user interface (GUI) like DeskMate
> with OS-9, but the 6809 really doesn't have the power for a GUI. There are
> some text based menu interfaces like the new M-Shell (I think that's it...
> and I think it's text based, haven't tried it) that work very well to make
> things easier though, and don't take a lot of processor power like a
> graphics screen does. Frank Swygert Fix-It-Frank Handyman Service
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