[Coco] SEGA Joypad Adapter is now available to order

Neil Blanchard neil at neilscomputerservice.com
Sat May 14 23:47:57 EDT 2016

Alright, now that my CoCoFEST! depression / blues is over I am finally going to announce the "SEGA Joypad Adapter" is available and ready to order for the CoCo community. 

Proud to announce a new product for the CoCo Community!

"SEGA Joypad Adapter"

Curcuit Design By John W. Linville 
Produced & Manufactured By: Neil Blanchard

Features & info about the adapter:
- Supports SEGA Genesis Joypads with extra button support (Start & 3rd button through serial port connection and future software to take advantage of it) *hint for CoCo game developers*
- Supports SEGA Master System Joypads
- Full regular two button support (just like Tandy Deluxe Joysticks on CoCo 3)
- CoCo 1/2 Compatible with regular single button joysticks
- Compatible with all standard DB-9 connection type joysticks (Commodore 64, Atari etc..) can now be enjoyed on your CoCo!

$40 plus shipping. Includes Adapter & Manual. If you are interested please email me at neil at neilscomputerservice.com

Thank you for your support

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