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Camillus camillus.b.58 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 14 23:30:47 EDT 2016

would the programmer that I use for ALTERA devices work?
I Think its a byteblaster II

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On 6/12/2016 7:14:45 AM, Zippster <zippster278 at gmail.com> wrote:

I’d recommend the Xilinx XC9500XL series for interfacing with retro computer projects.
They are AFAIK the only 5v tolerant CPLDs still in manufacture. This way you can avoid
the need for level shifting (they are also a good option as a level shifter BTW).

To get started, you’ll want to download and install the Xilinx ISE Webpack…

If you are not familiar with Verilog or VHDL, you can use a schematic to enter your design.
You’ll want to study the Xilinx unified libraries for CPLDs …

And of course the data sheet for the family…

You’ll need a suitable programmer as well.

There are forums on the Xilinx website that may be helpful, and you can email me as well.

There’s a bit of a learning curve at first, but they are quite easy to use/design with
once you get familiar with the ISE environment.

Good luck… :)

- Ed

> On Jun 11, 2016, at 11:02 PM, Camillus wrote:
> Any good leads for info, tutorials, books about CPLD's and programming those black boxes?
> thnx again
> cb

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