[Coco] C debbuging system?

Barry Nelson barry.nelson at amobiledevice.com
Tue Jun 14 21:22:37 EDT 2016

A C debugging system? I would like to see more information about that.

I did look over that window script. It looked very nice. What shell does it require to run? Shell Plus? Any particular version?

What is the URL of your web page?

To me, any information about the CoCo is welcome.

Old programmers never die, they just get ported to a new OS.

> Stephen H. Fischer SFischer1 at Mindspring.com 
> Tue Jun 14 21:02:20 EDT 2016
> ~snip~
> Did you read my post about starting with better windows? That is just one of the many scripts I developed decades ago but was not my actual solution which was to build better window descriptors into the boot. I had a sweet "C" development system of scripts which in the words of ---------------, you don't need to use scripts, it does not matter if those are broken which was added to one of the threads. I used up to four windows on the same OS-9 screen but that is also not welcome. Why is OS-9 from the time of Delphi and C$S so hated now, in many ways it was better!
> CoCo's are fun, I have been trying to pass on much of what I used back then with OS-9. Yes, lots of scripts. Even the post where I presented a "C" debugging system which I got from the "C" language magazine has been deleted. 
> My webpage continues to have traffic which surprises me a little as I have not posted very often about it.
> I posted about what was on Facebook and did make an mistake about VB6, which I am unhappy about with another person who created a dangerous  Windows CoCo program which I promoted.
> My programming days are over.

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