[Coco] Real Talker Cartridge

Stephen H. Fischer SFischer1 at Mindspring.com
Fri Jun 10 14:22:56 EDT 2016

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> I will send you the .doc file via PM.
> Note sure how this will convert through the list server, pasted good on this end.....

Very very poorly.

You may not be on Windows so my suggestion may not help.

ON W7 and some earlier MSFT OSs if you open a file in Wordpad (NOT Notepad) you will see most files look good regardless of the line endings.

I just add one space at the end and delete it and then save the file. That converts the line endings to <CR> <LF> for Windows Mail.

Then it would be ready to paste into a post on my OS W7.

If you are on a different OS then look at the file to see if the line endings match your e-mail program which should past correctly using your OS's normal line endings.

<CR> <LF> for Windows and MSDOS.

from memory which may be bad:

<CR> for CoCo 

<LF> for Mac.

I think LINUX is CoCo like, <CR>

If I have gotten anything wrong please correct the above and repost as I cannot change posts after they are made as I can most other places.

There are lots of conversion programs, the programming editor I used allowed saving files in all the various formats.

Everyone should have a method to look at a file's line ending so they are sure so posts are not done very badly. 

I never read any of those.


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