[Coco] Greetings from a old coco user

Paulo Garcia paulo.astuser at gmail.com
Tue Jun 7 15:54:34 EDT 2016

Hey guys/gals

After subscribing to this list for a lot of time, I decided to write to say

I am Paulo, the owner/maintainer/janitor of Vintage is The New Old (
http://www.vintageisthenewold.com) and for many time I've been playing with
lots of different retro computers that I can put my hands on (and my wife
allows me to bring home :) ).

Although I have 3 CoCos (two CoCo2 and one CoCo3) I never spend much time
with them, until now. This week I decided to bring the CoCo3 out of its box
and spend time with it. I have a disk drive but no software at all for now.

Interestingly enough, the computer I grew with was a CP-400 (Brazilian CoCo
clone - but probably you all know that already) and with it I learned to
program and spend hours and hours coding my own games. Unfortunately I sold
it back then and now that I live in Canada it won't be easy to get a CP-400
again but the original Tandy ones will do just fine :)

I am planning to, while I remember my ways with the CoCo, to increase the
computer coverage on my site as I find new things (to me) about it.

If any of you have an interesting material and want it published there too,
just let me know....

I will probably write more with basic questions that piled up over these 30
years since I had my CP-400. All the new hardware accessories for the CoCo
are new to me!



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