[Coco] Using MAME to run DECB file automagically? (Richard Goedeken)

Andrew keeper63 at cox.net
Mon Jun 6 01:56:59 EDT 2016


Thank you for your input on this; like I said, I was pretty sure it was 
possible, and everyone's tips are helpful to me - especially Richard's.

I don't think I made it clear in my post - but I was looking for 
something for the CoCo 3 (using MESS, and my original hardware later - 
probably with drivewire or something).

Richard's post regarding DynoSprite should get me where I need to be, 
and interestingly enough, I was thinking about his engine when I wrote. 
Maybe I should have checked in on that first (though honestly I couldn't 
recall the name of the project).

Anyhow, thanks again everyone - I love this community!

Andrew L. Ayers
Glendale, Arizona

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