[Coco] Using MAME to run DECB file automagically?

Steve Bamford stevecindybamford at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Jun 5 06:11:49 EDT 2016

Hi Andrew.
I use Notepad++ and XRoar under Windows to do pretty much what you're asking for, (and I believe XRoar runs on Unix/Linux too).
Basically I edit my code in NP then hit a hot key to run a batch file which calls LWASM, and if I wanted could launch XRoar, passing the name of the binary in the command line.
I usually just leave XRoar open though and use Shift+Ctrl+L to reload+execute the binary.
Don't know if this helps?

      From: Andrew <keeper63 at cox.net>
 To: coco at maltedmedia.com 
 Sent: Sunday, 5 June 2016, 9:56
 Subject: Re: [Coco] Using MAME to run DECB file automagically?

Maybe this has been asked here before (heck, maybe I asked it once!)...

I want to do the following, and I am hoping maybe someone here has 
already done it (otherwise, I will look into inventing the wheel 
myself). I am specifically running MAME on an Ubuntu 14.04 LTS system, 
but I want to hear of any solution, regardless of platform - I can adapt 
as needed:

1. I fantasize (about getting the time...) to create some software to 
run on the CoCo (maybe a game or such) - but I want to do it on a modern 
system for ease of use (I have actual hardware for later testing).

2. So - I think about something like running an editor on my *nix box, 
maybe IntelliJ (or something simpler), then having a build process that 
would take the code, save it somewhere, compile it (as/if needed), then 
kick off MAME to read and run the code/binary.

3. The first few steps are doable, I think - a 6809 cross-compiler for 
assembler, maybe something else for C (or maybe not?) - but then the 
difficult (?) part is getting MAME to work.

4. I have considered the possibility of (somehow) creating -on the fly- 
a DECB floppy image - or a ROM image - that could be loaded and executed 
in some manner - does that sound crazy?

5. Could something like that be done to allow the external writing of a 
DECB (BASIC) code and having it executed externally in MAME?

I guess in a way I would want something akin to the Rainbow IDE, but 
running under *nix - and composed of available open-source (on the *nix 
side) components. If on the emulated CoCo side there were one or more 
emulated floppy images (for compilers or such) that would be kicked off 
when MAME is launched to compile and run the resulting code sent over 
from the *nix editor - that would be what I am considering.

Ideally, it would be a one-step process - write the code, hit build (or 
type "make build" or something at the command line), and then 
"magically" via the power of a ton of shell scripts MAME would open and 
run the result (or compile and then run the result) in another window or 
screen (if fullscreen). Of course, on each build the old instance of 
MAME would be killed and re-started.

I guess in a way (?) the Rainbow IDE does this in some manner on 
Windows, so I am thinking it should be possible, and maybe someone would 
be willing to share the solution. I'm just looking for that existing 
solution, to use as-is or build off of - instead of starting from 
scratch (which, if I have to do so, at least I will know that it won't 
be a wasted effort).

Thank you!

Andrew L. Ayers
Glendale, Arizona

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