[Coco] CM-8 Monitor Extension cable

Camillus camillus.b.58 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 4 21:48:41 EDT 2016

Hi, Charles

Extending the cable is not without risk, to disturb your image on the monitor.
If it is really necessary to extend it I would suggest to replace the cable completely from the monitor, with good shielded wire. I would also suggest to make an other connector at the coco side ( I placed an 9 pin VGA connector, at the bottom on my COCO 3 ) ( this modification means to make a hole and add an add a 9 ping female connector as I did to mine), this allow an easier connection.

Before making any changes to your coco I would try the cable at the monitor first.

I do can do this modification, but that means I need to have the monitor send /brought to me.
The cost would be $30 + the parts (shielded VGA cable M/M = +- $20). ( total : $50 )

I do not know where you live but I'm in KNOX, IN 46534

let me know what you decide?


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On 6/4/2016 6:22:32 PM, Charles Gordon <cwgordon at carolina.rr.com> wrote:
I¹m setting up my ³Coco shed² (actually a workbench in a storage
building), and I¹m finding that my Coco 3 is about 4 1/2² too far away
from my CM-8 monitor for the monitor cable to reach to connect. Is there
an extension cable available for it? My eyesight and arthritis make it
impossible for me to build one.

If anyone has one or might be interested in building one for a modest
feed, please email me privately and we¹ll see if we can work out something.


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