[Coco] Cocovid player LIVES!

Michael Rowen mike at borncoco.com
Thu Jun 2 11:00:36 EDT 2016

Great that you're doing this, Ron. However, the link indicates that your video is private when I attempt to play it.


Ron Klein <ron at kdomain.org> wrote:

>Hi Everyone,
>As some of you may know, John Linville developed a video player for the
>Color Computer 3 and demo'd it some years back at CocoFEST 2011.  I never
>saw it when it was originally released, but stumbled across it a few months
>ago when looking at videos of previous CocoFESTs.  I was so impressed with
>John's video player and wanted to try it for myself.  I had reached out to
>John looking for some information as I didn't know if it was available to
>the community.  As it turns out it absolutely is, however, the
>documentation is a bit lacking and some components of the project require
>special utilities/tools as well as compiling source code.  In other words,
>some assembly required...
>A few emails back and forth with John answered some of the questions I
>had.  From there, I started documenting the entire process making note of
>each step along the way.  I will be providing this documentation soon for
>others who may wish to try John's Cocovid player for themselves.
>In the meantime, I posted a Youtube video of me demo'ing the Cocovid player:
>My hope is to renew interest in the Cocovid player and get others to use
>it.  It's a great way to show off the color capabilities of our "Color
>Computers."  Who needs the 256 color mode of the GIME when it's been
>showcased so well with this project in software!  Perhaps John will port
>his player over the CoCoSDC if there's enough interest...  ahem.
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