[Coco] Printing from Disk Extended Color Basic (via Drivewire)

Robert Gault robert.gault at att.net
Fri Dec 23 08:46:41 EST 2016

Arthur Flexser wrote:
> Robert, it is true that Basic resets the value in $6F to zero when screen
> output (like printing OK) is required.  But I'm reasonably sure (though
> it's been a long time) that if you include the DIR command on the same line
> as a poke to $6F, the value will remain throughout the execution of the DIR.
> In fact, you could extend the command with POKE&H6F,&HFE:DIR:PRINT
> FREE(0);" Free grans" to cause the amount of free space left on the disk to
> print out below the directory.
> Art

I tried that with my original ml code and it did not work as the Coco froze per 
the OP's email. It failed for LLIST and also PRINT #-2. It did work with VCC 
using its own printer routines and probably would work with a Coco and attached 


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