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L. Curtis Boyle curtisboyle at sasktel.net
Sun Dec 11 01:56:38 EST 2016

Bill - I wouldn’t quite call it “broken” - it was designed for commands that got a list of filenames on one line passed to it by the shell, which inherently limits you in size (unless you want to make the data area for the shell huge, like up to 56K *PER* shell… and then it wouldn’t work with commands that are >7.5K). So, one has to implement it in commands themselves to avoid the size limitation, OR we could have done it like DOS, where you do a wildcard system call request, and it keeps giving you matches until the directory is done (I don’t remember if it handled recursion, though). 
It would have been nice for the individual wildcarding commands to support the character range option from Shellplus though… that *was* damned handy at times. :-)
(Hence, why I used both, depending on circumstances).

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> On Dec 11, 2016, at 12:37 AM, Bill Nobel <b_nobel at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Curtis is right,  My opinion Shellplus was broken since day one for wildcarding.  I use ‘ls' and ‘mscopy' extensively nowadays for it’s own wildcarding.
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