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Bill Pierce ooogalapasooo at aol.com
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Barry, even back in the 80s/90s I never used "dir". I had a custom dir from Delphi named "d" by Tim Harris. It has the best wildcarding I've found (as well as a dir sort). I haven't used "dir" in so long, when I boot a disk from the repo for testing, I automatically type "d /xx" and wonder why it failed.

A lot of the command changes that were made were not "alterred" from the original OS9 sources, but whoever uploaded the source probably used what ever custom command they preferred at the time and had the sources for. This saved time in having to disassemble the originals, plus it was usually a better (or quicker) version.

But still, in the end, anyone wanting the original MW commands can just copy them from one of the master disks as they all still work with NitrOS9. This where I say NitrOS9 hasn't changed... The commands were changed, not the system. And to me, commands are a personal thing, not a system requirement to use the most recent. No one is stopping anyone from using any commands they want. Personally, I don't think there's but 3 or 4 of the repo generated commands in my cmds dir and I have over 600 commands in that dir. I create a new boot from the repo disks on a VHD, then copy my current cmds dir to that VHD. I never copy the new cmds except "grfdrv", and "shell", both of which I like to keep current (especially grfdrv). And anyone wanting the old ShellPlus 2.1, it's in a zip in the RTSI archives... labeled "ShellPlus 2.1" and it still works fine with NitrOS9 3.3.0 (I've tried it). 



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