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Bill Pierce ooogalapasooo at aol.com
Fri Dec 9 22:09:49 EST 2016

I used TSEdit in both RSDOS and OS9. In RSDOS, I eventually wrote my own editor called "BasiKey" which had BASIC keys which were basically cmd keys that would insert BASIC cmds i.e. PRINT", POKE(, PEEK(, IF, THEN, ELSE, FOR, NEXT, etc, etc. I used that up until OS9 level 2 came out which is when I dropped BASIC all together.
These days, in OS9 I use Mike Sweet's "Ed 3.1" which is a graphics oriented (point-n-click menus) full screen editor. And if Ed's buffer is too small, I switch to my old standby, TSEdit, which has a slightly larger buffer. I do ALL my Coco programming for OS9 either on the Coco, VCC, or the Coco3FPGA. I rarely use PC tools, though I do use Roger's RainbowIDE for special needs ocassionally.
I have a new text editor in the works for the MShell suite which will have a virtual memory buffer (up to 1.5 meg on 2meg systems!), but that program is on the bottom of my "To Do" list at the moment, but it will move up on the list as soon as I wind up a few of my projects.



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