[Coco] Nitros9 and Smartwatch

Robert Gault robert.gault at att.net
Tue Dec 6 15:36:47 EST 2016

Arthur Flexser wrote:
> If, as your description seems to imply, you are not using either of the
> ROMs in the Disto controller, but instead are using SDC-DOS in Multipak
> Slot 1, you could try the SmartWatch in ROM slot 1, removing, at least
> temporarily, the ROM that currently occupies that slot to see if the
> problem has to do with having the SmartWatch in Slot 2 rather than Slot 1.
> Though if ADOS-3 works fine in Slot 2 (with the switch set to that
> position), the SmartWatch should be recognized there as well.  Are you sure
> that you have the notch facing the same direction as the notch in the ROM?
> That no pin is bent under or broken off?
> There does remain the somewhat remote possibility that the SmartWatch is
> bad.
> Art

There is also the issue of the number of pins on the Disto board. The Smartwatch 
has 28 pins while most Tandy ROMs have 24.
The Disto board probably has a jumper to select between 24 and 28 pin EPROMS as 
well as a switch to select between the two sockets.

Regards documentation, swset does not need documentation, I can send a version 
of swread with the built-in help turned on, and there is no good reason to use 


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