[Coco] Fuzix: Now on CoCo2

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Sat Dec 3 20:44:49 EST 2016

On 12/3/2016 7:38 PM, Brett Gordon wrote:
> It gets mushy on who's who, but Alan was on tare to see fuzix on A plain
> coco2, and has done most of the work on the coco2 port.  He is using a 16k
> cart to bank in kernel over the userspace, much like Tormod's dragon-nx
> port does with RAM.
> So you get one 32k user process, and one 64k kernel.  Tormod's 512k ram
> board gives you a 64k kernel and 15 user processes.  Not to worry though,
> from the repo it looks like he has swapping working.
> Looks like he's leaning toward MBR to partition drives.  I'll probably be
> switching coco3 fuzix and yados to match.  This should help the fpga effort
> too..as everybody (linux, win, apple, fuzix) has the 'fdisk' to mod there
> drives.
> Who's going to do MBR in nitros?  Boisy's superdriver is the logical place
> for this no - I think he layed the ground work for real partitioning.
> There would need to be a 'fdisk' made, and some kernel code to read the mbr
> and apply it to disk accesses.  Then os9 wouldnt be a nazi about the disk.

Would Alan find value in a CocoFlash, or is his 16K cart already good 

Just thought I'd inquire.


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