[Coco] CoCo3FPGA new 640x450 256-color graphic mode

Salvador Garcia ssalvadorgarcia at netscape.net
Fri Oct 2 11:23:56 EDT 2015

This is a great guide! I found it some time ago and posted the link here. I even emailed it to a friend of mine who is getting into Altera FPGAs. Salvador
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FWIW, I recently got the CoCo3FPGA bug, and I have gotten one up and running for

There is a web site put up by one of the CoCo3FPGA group members that
offers step-by-step how-to guidance:


This worked for
me, with a glitch only in one spot - but the good folks in the CoCo3FPGA group
got me through it. You can see my thread "New Guy: Can't get it to work" on the
CoCo3FPGA Group site. at the end of the thread is information that I needed to
finally get it to work. For me, it was one long weekend day, but one ought to be
able to accomplish everything in a few hours, given all the downloading and
installing of the stuff you need to get going from absolutely nothing like I

Go for it! I'm loving mine! 


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Hi Nick, 

Do you know if all the documentation/downloads are up-to-date
regards to the installation and configuration of the Coco3FPGA in the

state it's in now for those of us who would like to get started and get 
up and
running a bit easier? 

Certainly appreciate all the hard work by those
involved. Congrats! 


On 9/30/2015 3:31 AM, Nick Marentes wrote: 
> The
name "CoCo3FPGA" is a bit misleading. 
> It's far more than that. 
> - VGA
both scan doubled CoCo3 modes plus true 640x480 VGA 
> - 4096 color palette 
> -
Close to full CoCo3 software compatibility (improving all the time) 
> - PS/2
keyboard, drivewire support and SD card. 
> - up to 25Mhz operation (a 40sec
assembly language compile took 3sec!) 
> and less that $180 for a fully
assembled board (firmware is free). 
> Not a CoCo2.... not a CoCo3.... A
> Nick 
> On 30/09/2015 8:18 AM, Dave Philipsen wrote: 
Just thought I'd give everyone a glimpse of what's happening with 
>> CoCo3FPGA.
Gary has just added a brand new video mode that gives higher 
>> resolution and
more colors. Here's a link to a video that demonstrates 
>> the new mode: 

>> https://youtu.be/YTrqKphZiyw 

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