[Coco] Looking for CoCo2 for Parts

Barry Nelson barry.nelson at amobiledevice.com
Sun May 31 16:44:06 EDT 2015

 What parts are you looking for? What are the symptoms of your machine? It may be more practical to just get another working system and use your current system for parts. 
Like this one for $59.99 with free shipping.


Or this system for $45.00 + $17.50 shipping.


Then again, if it's a power supply issue, you can probably rebuild the power supply with available components without relying on a second machine, so it depends on what is wrong.

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> Subject: [Coco] Looking for CoCo2 for Parts
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> Does anyone have a broken CoCo 2 for sale? I need a parts donor.
> Cheers,Gabeyell0w_lantern at yahoo.com

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