[Coco] The CoCo Crew Podcast - Episode 0 is available!

Stephen H. Fischer SFischer1 at Mindspring.com
Sat May 30 18:06:24 EDT 2015

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> As I'm not a facebook user I was quite surprised to hear that there are just 
> under 1000 members. That's quite an impressive user base for the Coco.
> The Coco's future is so bright it has to wear shades.

Actually 955 right now. I thought we would pass 1K by now but many new members drop out quickly.

Please Understand that there are lots of non CoCo users. It's a lively group attacking other Tandy TRS users.

It's non-stop pictures of "See what just came in the mail today". It rarely gets technical like the [CoCo] list is beyond pictures of screen shots / video about new little video tricks. But entertaining for sure.

But be careful, I suspect I got a Trojan last December which Microsoft Security Essentials caught and I just discovered. (P.S. I cannot install the latest MSE update without losing the ability to download files.


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