[Coco] PopStar Pilot - Game development Blog

Nick Marentes nickma at optusnet.com.au
Mon May 25 14:01:02 EDT 2015

On 25/05/2015 7:09 AM, Andrew wrote:> Nick -
 > I've been following your PopStar Pilot game dev blog for a while now,
 > since you first announced it. Thank you for starting it back up again!
 > One thing I was wondering - while you do at times go into some brief
 > specifics on the techniques and algorithms used in your development
 > efforts, you don't delve into them too deeply; were you planning on
 > elaborating on these at a future date, after you finished development of
 > the game?

Hi Andrew,

I will answer this question as part of the next Blog Chapter. It's a 
question some have asked but the quick answer is...

The blog's not meant to be a programmers guide to advanced programming 
techniques on the CoCo3.

It's about game design and the challenges that a game designer is faced.

Stay tuned...


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