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My mind is working slowly these days, sorry. 

I just caught "These backups are not stored in .dsk format." which makes the job harder so I need to reply better to your question about what issues are needed. Do you have some way to make a text list of what you have? 

Falsoft and anyone else selling floppies used 35 Tracks with  One (1) Side 5-1/4". None used any other format so 40 Track disks were never used (Would have reduced the market).

In the order that I suggest you attempt to convert. If you can send the sub parts as you get them ready perhaps we can catch errors.

I consider that there is no rush to complete this as the CoCo community has had just the same ROTROD for decades. But if anything is said in public then the "I want it ALL and I want it NOW" people will start complaining.

Is there some way that I or Guillaume Major can help? "Cloud-9 Coco HD", does that mean DECB files, up to 256 at one time? I had all my files on floppies and after the last of a string of Hard Drive failures, the last being the Floppy / HD controller / 6309 CPU I just transferred all my floppy disks to Windows (.dsk files) and burned a couple of CDs and turned my CoCo's off the last time. 

a) April 1982 - September 1982 + December 1982 Rainbow on Tape. (Very hard to find as so few were sold by Falsoft.) 

b) June 1992 - April 1993. (Again very hard to find as so few were sold by Falsoft.) 

c) September 1990 - June 1991. Some hope for these Rainbow on Disk.

d) 1987 - 1989 the period that Falsoft put both DECB and OS_9 files on the second side.

e) The rest for a second copy to fix errors. I plan to look at the individual DECB files using the "10_Years_of_Rainbow_Tape_Disk" as a base. I see no way to check the OS-9 files.


That list was created looking at the Bingo Card / Spreadsheet.

Thanks for anything you can provide.


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> I have all the original ROT and ROD.  As far as I know, I have also backed 
> up all of these to my Cloud-9 Coco HD.  The OS-9 sides of the ROD often had 
> RSDOS files on it as well, and the entire side was backed up using HDBDOS on 
> my system.  I think I always assumed 35 tracks, so if some of these disks 
> were 40 track, for example, I might not have full backups, but I still have 
> the originals.  These backups are not stored in .dsk format.  My Coco 
> system, software, etc. are all stored at our family cabin, and unavailable 
> until Spring (this is Minnesota !!  :-)
> If we are missing anything, I can try to get at it in April.  Just let me 
> know if I can help.
> --- Steve ---

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