[Coco] IDE hard drive question

Bruce W. Calkins brucewcalkins at charter.net
Thu May 21 09:31:47 EDT 2015

Short answer: No, your drives automatically park on power down.

Very early MFM drives needed to be parked before shutdown.  Most if not all 
RLL drives auto parked on power off.  By the IDE era no drives needed 
"manual" parking.  The park command is a legacy from those early MFM drive 

Bruce W.


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From: "Bill Pierce via Coco"

> I have a Glenside IDE hard drive system running under NitrOS9 L2. My 
> question is, should I "park" the drive before turning of the Coco?
> Especially since there is no "power down" sequence to the Coco, which on 
> "modern" systems triggers the drive to park, I wondered if this needed to 
> be done.
> If I do need to park the drive, will the "park" command in the CMDS dir of 
> the distro disks be sufficiant?
> Bill Pierce

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