[Coco] Multipak and Drivewire

Barry Nelson barry.nelson at amobiledevice.com
Fri May 15 10:49:08 EDT 2015

The MultiPak allows you to separately select the ROM being used and the cartridge hardware. You probably need to select your HDBDOS ROM + the floppy controller hardware.
Normally you would POKE &HFF7F,&H33 to select slot 4 for everything, but I think you might want to do:
This should select slot 3 (2+1) for the rom and slot 4 (3+1) for the hardware I/O.

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> Hi Bill, Michael..
> Michael, your timing was perfect with your questions about DriveWire, 
> HDBDOS, etc...  I'm in a situation where I'm struggling to figure out 
> how to backup real physical floppy disks to my DriveWire 4 system.
> My configuration is as follows:
> Coco 3
> MPI (upgraded PAL)
> Distro Super Controller (I) in MPI slot 4.  EPROM 0 is default, boots to 
> RGBDOS and is physically connected to my floppy drives.
> multiFLASH cart in MPI slot 3.  This has HDBDOS "flashed" and allows 
> access to DriveWire.
> No matter which MPI slot I select (with MPI selector switch or poke), I 
> am unable to figure out the correct combination to allow access to the 
> physical floppy drives and DriveWire drives.  I have a pretty good 
> understanding of the various (but similar) DRIVE commands needed to 
> enable/disable real vs virtual drives.
> I'm wondering if I will need an actual HDBDOS EPROM (for DW) burned and 
> installed in a floppy controller cart to access both types of drives at 
> the same time.  Am I running into a situation where both carts would map 
> to the same address space and I'm unable to use both at the same time?
> Thank you for any help anyone can provide!
> -Ron

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