[Coco] CM-8 monitor

Barry Nelson barry.nelson at amobiledevice.com
Mon May 11 15:09:29 EDT 2015

I have a CM8 monitor I want to sell now that my CoCo --> SCART connector --> SCART to HDMI converter video is working on my Color Computer 3. If you are interested send me an email barry.nelson at amobiledevice.com. If I don't get any offers here, I'll probably stick it up on ebay. I have no need of it now. Please remember that shipping may be considerable as this monitor is heavy. It has some minor cosmetic issues with the case like a broken plastic door that is supposed to cover the controls, but last time I checked it's video it worked fine and I will hook it up to test it again before I ship it.

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> From: George Ramsower <georgera at gvtc.com>
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>  Well HECK!!
>  One of my CM-8 monitors has died. I thought I had a service manual for 
> it but, I suppose I don't as I can't find it.
>  I'm wondering if anyone has built a PDF (or something) of the service 
> manual for this darned monitor.
>  Right now, I will have to disassemble the computer to find out what I 
> did to connect it through a DB-9 on the cabinet before I can use my 
> other monitor that is in use on another CC3 AFTER I take that one apart 
> to find out what I did to use THAT monitor. Darn me! for not keeping 
> notes and not making both systems the same...I think.
>  George(the dummy)

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