[Coco] MShell File Manager v1.0.3o update

Bill Pierce ooogalapasooo at aol.com
Sun Dec 27 07:16:25 EST 2015

Hi Kip, sorry I missed you on the test list, but I was looking for certain test platforms and I didn't realize you had a CocoFPGA. I did have a CocoFPGA tester at the time, but could have used a 2nd as it would have been helpful.
In fact, there is still a problem on CocoFPGA with OS9 to RSDOS file transfers. If you would give that a try, it would give me a 2nd test result and confirm the results.
You'll love this new version of MSHell.... The features have increased by 300%!! The batch copies alone are worth their weight in gold!

Make sure you read the text file thoroughly as some of the features are hidden within other menus. And make sure you use the installer on the disk or old, undeleted MShell files may cause problems. A lot of files have been renamed and even more added.

Unless some major bug is found, this will probably be the last update for the File Manager and I will be working on new modules now, like the BootMajik and FTPManager modules. I am also attempting to rewrite the core routines of MShell in asm to increase the speed.

As for running MShell on a 64k core.... it ain't gonna happen in any way shape or form. MShell requires 512k... The 2 main modules use 128k all by themselves, not to mention that it needs get/put buffers, memory for forked modules, and most of all, a 640x192 2 color screen (16k). Just on startup, MShell is using right at 256k and that's before you perform any actions.



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Hi Bill,I obviously missed your emails on the MShell testing you've been doing recently. As you know, I would have enjoyed testing your latest changes had I known!  I now have CoCoFGPA running on a DE1 if you need any further tests done for MShell on it.  Just let me know.I have a 25MHZ Multicomp09 running NitrOS-9 6809 L1 v3.3.0 thanks to the tireless work of Neal Crook with a 32MB drive on /d3.  Should you ever decide to adapt MShell for a 64KB 25MHZ system, I would definitely be interested in testing it.  I was wondering if this platform would be fast enough for a paging file scheme to help MShell to run.  Do you think this is even possible on a 25MHZ FPGA with a 6809 core using an SD Card for online storage?  I'm brain storming here off the top of my head so I haven't put any serious thought on how to run MShell hell on it.  Congratulations on the updates!  Take care my friend.Kip Kooncomputerdoc at sc.rr.comhttp://www.cocopedia.com/wiki/index.php/Kip_Koon> -----Original Message-----> From: Coco [mailto:coco-bounces at maltedmedia.com] 

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