[Coco] Plugging more stuff in to the RS-232 Pak

Brian Goers briang0671 at sbcglobal.net
Fri Dec 25 09:35:00 EST 2015

You certainly won't loose it in the seat cushions.

On 12/25/2015 8:06 AM, K. Pruitt wrote:
> Is it possible to power an IR LED via the RS-232 pak and successfully 
> send a set pattern of signals to an IR-controlled device?
> In other words, can I use my RS-232 pak to turn my CoCo in to a TV 
> Remote? I have no idea at what "baud rate" those signals are sent out. 
> Can the CoCo match the speed? I'm guessing yes.
> Certainly someone has tried this already, if it isn't just out and out 
> stupid. It sounds pretty simple. A resistor or two and an IR LED?  I 
> have a bazillion remotes around here I can pull an IR LED from. Am I 
> going to blow up my CoCo! Hehe.


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