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chadbh74 chadbh74 at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 23 10:00:49 EST 2015

   Woww...just catching up on this thread here.  This dream is looking  a
   bit nightmarish :/

   Just a question...   Which is more time consuming?  The
   downloading/uploading of the files or the actual moving

   Also, I've heard it mentioned that one or 2 people should lead the
   effort.  If that's best, why not hold a vote and appoint a volunteer or

   Depending on how the files are broken down now, it might be good to
   break the site into segments or categories each individual would be
   tasked with..  This would help narrow and focus the workload as well as
   clearly identify who is working what.    70+ gigs in its entirety might
   just be too much for 1 or 2 people to efficiently handle all at once.
   Maybe a person works on one segment or category then takes on another
   when he is done with the previous?  Just a thought.

   - Chad H


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   Guys, it's a good idea to have one person in charge of ANY project.
   Maybe " supreme commander" and "workers" is a bit strong, but someone
   needs to be the go-to person and they need to direct the show. That's
   simply the most efficient way to run the show. "By committee" takes a
   lot longer and too many compromises may have to be made. I don't know
   Stephen. He may come on a little strong, but he has the right idea.
   Shouldn't take two years to do what Dennis wants -- I think Stephen has
   something a lot more detailed in mind. But if you have the time to help
   at least try to work with him. He's a little blunt sometimes (from what
   I read here), but he does seem to have a good grasp on what needs to be
   done in the long term. For short term just a little organizing and
   naming seems to be sufficient. That would need to be done as the first
   step for the long-term plan anyway.  Frank Swygert
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