[Coco] ZIF40 FLASH/EPROM --> GQ-4X or TL866

Chad H chadbh74 at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 12 23:16:38 EST 2015

If any of you guys have one of these programmers and knowledge of the
pinouts on the ZIF40 socket when setup for a TSOP40 configuration I would
really appreciate it.  I've been exploring forums and I sent e-mails to
tech. support for the manufacturers for both but they haven't had time to
reply back yet.


My see adapter sets for these programmers to take such chips but that are
big, clunky, and don't really suit well for a FLASH cartridge design I'm
exploring.  The idea is to make a very small compact PCB to solder the 4MB
TSOP40 chip to, which will then drop right into the GQ-4X or TL866 to be
programmed, then re-plugged into the FLASH cartridge for use. 


I did manage to find somewhat of a pinout for the GQ-4X in the programmer
software, but I can't seem to determine where the WE line is routed to on
the ZIF40 socket.


For the TL866, if I don't hear back from them Chinese something other than
gibberish I may have to order an adapter set so I can trace down the routing
it's using and use that.


- Chad H



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