[Coco] Swift

James Ross jrosslist at outlook.com
Fri Dec 4 17:25:52 EST 2015

> From: coco at toughmac.com
> ... it won’t be long before the Swift compiler re-targets for platforms like Android and Windows… 

Yep, given that the iPhone/iPad still seem to be the priority platform for new software, lookout products doing the reverse (i.e. Xamarin making C# work on iOS/Android... etc...).  And long term, look out Java and C#, they will have stiff competition. 

Does anyone know if the "Foundation Framework" (all the NSxxx classes) must be present in any Swift App -- and how big is that framework? 

>> Tom Seagrove <tjseagrove at writeme.com> wrote:
>> Now that Apple released Swift as Open Source at www.swift.org will we see CoCoSwift ???? Now THAT would be a feat.

I heard they were going to open source it, but did not realize that they had done it already. Probably a smart move by Apple. 

And yes, a 6809 target would be be COOL! for sure!



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