[Coco] Zap 0.0.4 Beta has been uploaded to my drop box

K. Pruitt pruittk at roadrunner.com
Wed Apr 1 02:47:33 EDT 2015

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> It might be related to a feature I discovered just a year or two ago.
> I have a fan in another room with a X-10 appliance module.
> If the X-10 appliance module has the fan off, by turning the fan power 
> switch off and then on the X-10 module acts like it has received an on 
> command >and the fan starts.

The lamps modules do that as well.  I am not sure if it is a bug or a 
feature.  But it does seem standard.

> And I have one X-10 appliance module that works some times and some times 
> does not.
> I have always used house code "A" because the screw in light X-10 module 
> refuses to change from "A-1" like the manual says it should.

Other than just hammering it with on commands in the hopes of resetting it, 
which I'm guessing you've done, it may be hopeless.  These things retain 
their programmed house code and unit number until reprogrammed.  So it could 
be stuck.  But it seems like all X10 stuff defaults to A1 when it is having 
issues, so you may just have a malfunctioning socket rocket.

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