[Coco] How SLENB works ?

Kandur k at qdv.pw
Sun Jul 20 11:35:08 EDT 2014

Ciao Luis!
What a great range of prices of the Arduino products!
From the Arduino UNO Rev3  €20.00 + VAT to the TinkerKit - Lab €949.90 + VAT
Which one can emulate a Coco-3?
Are you talking about the Arduino Mega ADK Rev3 €44.00 + VAT?


Friday, July 18, 2014, 8:32:21 AM, you wrote:
> Hi,

> I ordered an arduino mega. The Due has 3.3V inputs and I would need a level
> shifter for every single pin as well op-amps for the analogs. So let's
> start using the mega than I can move to the faster one.

> Luis Felipe Antoniosi

> On Fri, Jul 18, 2014 at 11:19 AM, Matthew Stock <stock at bexkat.com> wrote:

>> Luis,

>> SLENB as you say disables the internal chip selects for the bus.  This
>> allows a cartridge take over that function.  It means, for example, that
>> you could take over addresses that would normally be part of the internal
>> ROM or peripherals.  I haven't used it myself, but I also broke it out for
>> my Android projects.  Let me know if you want to compare notes.

>> I've been experimenting with the Arduino Due.  With the higher clock
>> speeds, I think it might be able to handle memory read timing from the
>> Coco.
>>   -Matt

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