[Coco] a not very important Drivewire question

Kip Koon computerdoc at sc.rr.com
Fri Jul 18 00:13:25 EDT 2014

Hi Guys!
I just modified my local copy of the HDB-DOS source code and reassembled
HDB-DOS and now I can execute the HDB-DOS command "DRIVE#255" successfully
in Drivewire.  I think I'll reburn all my HDB-DOS eproms with this change
included though I have no idea what I'd use 256x256 virtual floppy drives
for!?!  65536 Floppy drives online is quite an accomplishment for our little
Color Computer.  Can we actually have that many vhd files online in
Drivewire?  I think I'm going to find out.  Now for someone to write a
program to dynamically access all those drives to display their directories,
copy files between them and catalog all those disks.  Hummm...  a disk based
disk cataloging program of some sort ought to do the trick.  Can't hold all
that information in memory I would think.  
Wow!  If one needs 256 drive busses then it's now possible.  I think I would
go nuts trying to keep up with 256 Drive busses of 256 HDB-DOS ECB 35 track
SSDD virtual drives.  Has anyone actually done this successfully?  I'd like
to see if this is even possible.  It would make for an interesting video -
wouldn't it.

Kip Koon
computerdoc at sc.rr.com

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Robert Hermanek wrote:
> I don't suppose anybody has a text file with the assembler output of 
> HDB-DOS 1.1D DW3 COCO 3, so I could find the address of that #MAXDN-1 
> below and poke a
> 255 in there instead...
> On 7/16/2014 9:46 PM, Robert Gault wrote:
>> * Select Device ID number
>> DNUM           jsr       <$9F                Parse over "#"
>> DSET05         jsr       LB70B               Evaluate argument
>>                cmpb      #MAXDN-1            Legal?
>>                bhi       FCERR               No, ?FC ERROR

There is only one $C1FE (aka CMPB #254) in the hdbdw3cc3.rom and that is at
$1CAA in the file. This ought to be correct as just before that is a $BD
B70B which would be the JSR $B70B.


PS. I did compile HDBDOS with maxdn=256 and it works for a DW4 slot of 255.

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