[Coco] Copy a file from a DW4 virtual disk to a windows directory

Bill Pierce ooogalapasooo at aol.com
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Aaron, first, DW4 creates an "expandable" disk image. This is not supported by anything other than drivewire. It cannot be formatted or expanded by Mess, Vcc, or XRoar. Formats and copies beyond the "actual" disk size will fail in Vcc or Mess's onboard floppy or HD drives. Second, most of the emulators expect the 2 byte JVC header (sectors per track, number of sides). Third, making and formatting a floppy disk in Nitros9 in a dw4 slot is an absolute disaster. The Nitros9 /x0-/x3 descriptors are set for some off-the-wall HD setting I've never seen and will format a Vcc VHD incorrectly and a VHD created with dw4 will not format in Vcc correctly.
I corrected this in my local copy of Nitros9 by making the /x0-/x3 dscriptors match the Vcc emudsk descriptors. Now they fomat correctly by both methods and can be interchanged on all systems.
Also, I tried making descriptors for /x4-/x7 match /d0-/d3 but dw4 will not write JVC disk images and the ones dw4 creates are not JVC compatable (above) therefore not compatable with the emulators. 

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> As a note, create all your disk images in Vcc. I don't know if anything else 
creates them properly. I know dw4 does not.

can you elaborate?  dw just creates a zero byte file.  anything in the
file comes from the coco.  i'm not sure how a program (vcc, dw, etc)
could do it "wrong" or "right", the entire content of any dsk file
should be data from the coco itself as far as i know.

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